The Journey Begins

Before I introduce myself, I want to say that this is not only my space, but a space for everyone who is searching for something greater in life. That little niggle you may have in the pit of your stomach that something is missing? I have felt that niggle many times and still do….I want this space to be about finding that sacred something that fills you with light. It is my hope and intention that if I share my journey along the way, that I will learn from all of you too. So, thank you for joining me, and for honoring this space as OURS.

My name is Stacie- I am a 32 year old Double Pisces, (think dreamer, sensitive, empath, water lover to the extreme) and am married to a wonderful Taurus man, who as you can probably guess, keeps me grounded and from floating too far off into the clouds.

We welcomed our first child, Flynn Thomas Martin on September 22, 2017, and he is pure magic. He was born on the Autumn Equinox, and absolutely embodies the balance of light and dark that the Equinox encompasses. If you keep reading, F28 you will come to know that I do not believe in coincidences. Everything happens for a reason in life, and Flynn was meant to be born that day.

I am a full time working mom in Corporate America, as well as a Certified Reiki Master and Tarot Reader. One of the reasons that I am starting this blog is because I have more manifesting to do. Much more. Healing is my passion, and I am working towards becoming a Healer full time. Putting these words out (along with many more, fingers crossed) is one of the ways I am working toward that dream. So! Deep breathe… I go! Thank you for stopping by…..the door is ALWAYS open.

Love and Light,


A Lesson

A lesson: I have wrestled with the anomaly of being an identical twin my entire life. Am I one half of a whole? A whole who isn’t original? I went away to college to perhaps try and remedy those adolescent theories, but found myself back home again where I started.

My sister and I are so close, that when we were teenagers, going to the mall together felt like we were there “alone”, as in singular. Over the years our relationship has been tried and tested to its very limits. We have gone through experiences together and alone that we could easily not have come back from.

Thankfully, our bond in the present has never been stronger… except for today. Today, I was brought to my knees  by a picture of my twin sister in the bath with my son, trying to ease his pain and discomfort from an amoxicillin rash.

Something inside me physically shifted, like the final twist in a Celtic Knot. My twin sister was an extension of me. My son was soothed, loved, and having the time of his life in the bath, because not only does he love his Auntie- but he often doesn’t know if it is her or me with him. She was there for him when I couldn’t be today.

F29It took 32 years and a beautiful baby boy to teach me the true meaning of being a twin. We are branches of each other’s love, each other’s strength, and each other’s compassion. I am doubly rooted in this world because of her, and now I understand that my ability to affect change in and on this world is twofold. Because of her. Because of us. Because we are twins.
Love and Light,