My Sister

Block Island, RI 2021

In your place of happiness, power, and prayer…you are standing on the yellow line, leaning towards her. You embody threshold…beauty and Grace, ever poised in the swirling snow. You are in liminal space right now, and she is strong and ready to receive you….the best version of you yet. When you are scared of what’s to come, all you have to do is feel her arms around you, and look into her eyes. She’s there.

Beth put her there for you… in the middle of your Yellow Brick Road.

Yellowknife. She is of a place that many never get to, because it’s conditions are difficult and location remote…perseverance and perspective are sacred. You traveled there, and were never the same. You took it all in, took her in, and found home. This is what I see when I look at you.

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