Eight Years

I watched as the dawn softly blew it’s breath on the dark this morning…it was such a subtle, gentle shift…like the ripples that appear when I blow on too hot tea. It has become that way… this grief of missing you… quietly curling around me, but still enveloping wholly.

When did it change? I can’t begin to answer that question, and I smooth down the panic and guilt that swells at the prospect. I will not question it. Not anymore.

Eight years ago, your death irrevocably changed my life. For so long, I was lost in the pain and darkness of it…not able to comprehend even the IDEA of you being gone from this life. And then you appeared again… in little ways at first, and then in utterly magnificent ones.

Ever since, you have walked beside me in spirit, and guided me down a path I could never have imagined for myself, or withstood without your strength. On this day, and every day…. I remember. On this day, and every day…. you are with me. I love you, Beth. THANK YOU.

One thought on “Eight Years

  1. A year and a half ago my guides sent me to Stacie. At the time I had no clue who my guides really were and what it meant. Stacie has an unbelievable gift of being sent things that help her clients. Her gifts sent me a book I call my bible which helped me identify my higher power and so much more. She is there when I feel blocked and has been an extremely amazing guide for me in owning my power and finding true self love and inner peace. She always says “it’s practice” and it’s never ending. She saved me from myself in so many more ways than I could have imagined.


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