The Weaver’s Prayer

She sits by the fire with her eyes closed, lost in contemplation…allowing the strands of life to ebb and flow around her freely.

These chords, memories, and connections fly around her beneath closed eyelids, where only she can see them. There…the thick translucent blue of the umbilical chord where her life started. Where she was destined for a path of the unknown and of inner strength.

A slim but mighty silver thread flashes by and grabs hold….her chosen family, not of blood, but of love. The silver thread forever embroidering her life force with another’s- her sister, and soul friend. More strands come into view now… the emerald green of true love, the joyous blue of motherhood, all beginning to intertwine into beautiful patterns and textures.

This woman is the keeper of many chords….not just her own. She holds the red thread of life in her hands and has stitched countless people back together through her service in medicine. That red thread has given life back to those in need…she is a healer.

With her eyes closed she can see a thickly braided chord of moss green and vivid purple… soul mates who were brought together because of her tapestry. Stitch by stitch, her threads have impacted the world. She has created literal beauty in her knitting and quilts, but the real magic of her life is in the power to create NEW threads, and know when to let go of the ones that have frayed. A tear rolls down her cheek and she sees it for the first time….a spool of Golden thread…just for her.

This thread is not often seen… it only exists in certain people… those who have walked through darkness and have come out on the other side to create anew. She breathes deeply, threads her needle and opens her eyes to begin. After all…. she is a WEAVER.

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