Embracing Limbo

A very wise friend sent me a message recently that said, ‘Somewhere there is a dream, dreaming you.” The seemingly simple phrase stopped me in my tracks, and I immediately thought, ‘But wait! I have to actively put energy into my dream to make it a reality!” It was a surprise to me that such a lovely quote could evoke such an uncomfortable response in me, and I decided to sit with it for a time to see what came up.

The following is what I found: LIMBO. Why not EMBRACE limbo instead of dreading it? Limbo, to me, means the period of time where you haven’t fully left the present yet, but haven’t exactly reached your destination either. Why not redefine it as a beautiful transition period, instead of something we have to get through in order to reach the other side of our goals or dreams?

For years, limbo has been a four letter word in my circle. We would talk about being strong, offering words of comfort like, “this too shall pass, you’ll feel better once you are settled, etc.” But as I sat and thought about my friend’s words…..limbo began to take on a new and exciting meaning for me. To think that “my dream” is also actively searching for me, is such an inspiriting thought.  Instead of thinking about this “in between” time as a dormant nothingness that I have to trudge through, why not envision it as a time of honoring?

I honor the place I am coming from, and have started to let it go with love. I honor the place I am heading to, and am sending harmonious energy towards this destination that doesn’t exactly have a shape yet. And that is where the difficulty is, isn’t it? The NOT KNOWING exactly what the future, or the culmination of the dream looks like.

I have always had destination addiction- clinging to the next “right” or “exciting” event in life, whether that was getting engaged, getting married, buying a house, having a baby, etc. And now I find myself in a different space…..even though I checked all of those life events off my proverbial bucket list, I still have this internal force churning out a quiver of, ‘What next! What next! What next!”…

When I am quiet and still, I find that I am in a place in my life where that quiver does not match my vibration anymore. The frenzied feeling of, ‘Hurry up and do the next right thing, right now!” does not sit well with me.

Now, I feel a deep thrum of…. “Nourish your dream….it needs time to flourish, and you need time to let go of things that no longer serve you. Embrace this shifting…

Perhaps motherhood has forced me to slow down and remain in the present moment, even though my inner mind wants to run off to the races at times. I am grateful for this shift. Motherhood has taught me that every moment, every day, and every season is precious, and should not be rushed or hurried through.

Now, when I feel an inkling of the quiver of limbo coming on, I take a deep breath, close my eyes, and imagine:

I am gliding upon a silver lake in a skiff, headed towards Avalon. The Crescent Moon is already etched upon my brow and is just beginning to heal. I can hear the call of the Island….feel the possibilities that await there….but today is not the day to part the mists. And so I stand at the bow of the boat, breathe in the magic of the mists around me, and exhale with the faith that Avalon will tell me when to raise my arms, part the mists, and step forward into the future. From now on, I will honor the space in between, for there is wisdom to be learned in the waters.

4 thoughts on “Embracing Limbo

  1. Your thoughts resonated with me and this quote came to mind. “The joy is in the journey.” I don’t know who is credited with that quote but I have always liked it.

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